My Experience - The Benefits of Hiring a Birthday Party Planner

I have never been much of a party planner. But the thing is that when you have kids and career you need to do some serious party planning because there are a lot of birthdays throughout the year. Over the years I have realised that the best way to get a rocking birthday party is by hiring a birthday party planner in Sydney.


One of the things that made realise this was that whenever I tried to plan a party single-handedly, it hasn’t gone according to plan. Something is bound to go wrong even with the best laid birthday party plans. Either the cake is not what we ordered (batman instead of superman) or the caterer forgets to deliver the drinks and cutlery. Once I ordered a bouncy castle and they sent me a one person trampoline. Frankly, such situations get rather stressful. Not only that, if I try and cook a birthday meal for twenty or thirty people it is rather tiring with a full-time job. In such situations, I cannot be the amicable host I am expected to be because I am tired and stressed out about things tasting right. Plus there is too much organisation required. Trying to DIY a birthday party is really not advisable or someone like me.

I was attending a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. My friend looked very fresh and every element of the party was on point, the catering, the party attractions and even her hair. Believe me, I was impressed because I knew that she has a very demanding job as well, one that requires her to stay away from home at times as well.

Her answer was interesting and something I hadn’t really expected. She said that she had hired a birthday party planner in Sydney. The event planner simply asked her what they wanted and their estimated budget for the event. The planner managed it all within their budget and she didn’t have to lift a finger once they were hired. She found the company online. Jan asked a couple of people she about a reliable company they recommended the one who did her daughter’s birthday party. From now on, that is how I will be planning my kids’ birthday party.

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