The Qualities To Look For In A Party Planner

Whether it is your anniversary, or someone’s birthday or a congratulations party for someone else, you need a party planner in Sydney. A professional party planner can help you organize your event in the best possible way. They make the task very simple. You just have to tell them your ideas and they come up with a plan on how to execute them.

This is like any other service, a convenience. You can organize a party yourself too but someone, whose job is to plan parties, will be much better at it than you would be. Of course, you can’t expect all party planners to have the same quality of event management and experience. They all will have different approaches to the same idea. Knowing which event planner to hire can be a difficult task.
Listed below are some qualities that an event planner needs to have before you hire them.

Organizational Time Management

These are the two most important skills that you need to look for in a party planner. Ordinarily, parties need to be planned in a very short time period. A good event organizer can work wonders even if the deadline is around the corner. Organizational skills combined with time management can allow the planner to manage all aspects of the party within the given time frame, without stressing out.

They can not only work in tight deadlines but also in longer schedules. A professional planner knows how to stay cool headed in all situations. Look for reviews and opinions from different clients about that organizer. If they are able to do a good job and organize an awesome event, then they are worth giving a shot. But planners with bad reviews will most likely fail to deliver quality assured service. Stay away from them.

Organizing means that the planner should know how to prioritize things. He/she should know which tasks come first and which ones come second. If that person does not make planned decisions with timing, they will freak out last minute and will cause the client to stress out as well.

Communication Skills

The planner should be a good communicator. Just telling him your ideas isn’t enough; he/she needs to understand your vision. To do that, they need to be able to listen very closely and be able to almost replicate that vision in their head. A poor communicator can fail to understand what you’re trying to achieve and produce bad results.

If they are working with a big team, they need to effectively control and coordinate with every team member they have. If they can comprehend the needs of their team along with yours, then you have landed a good party planner in Sydney.

He/she will ask all relevant and appropriate questions before starting anything. Most people have a problem with the decorations because it is not what they asked for. A good organizer will know what you wanted right from the beginning and will instruct his decorating team accordingly.


A thing about parties is that nothing goes according to plan. There are always confusions; misunderstandings or lack of supplies that cause the whole thing to get mixed up. A professional planner knows that things could go wrong and prepares contingencies to counter such situations. 

He/she should be flexible enough to even improvise a quick fix for something that could ruin the party.

What you have to look for in that planner is that they should be able to keep their cool and stay focused even when everything seems to fall apart.

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