Best credit card in UAE

To choose a best credit card in UAE can be stressful and a hectic task if you are not familiar with the banking sector of Dubai. Different banks in Dubai provide different types of services and these vary from one bank to other according to their packages. Now before going to take the services of the best credit card in UAE one should use these tips to choose the card that works best. First of all manage your chart of your spending habits. This is very important if you are looking for a best credit card in UAE, you need to have a fairly reasonable idea of your spending habits otherwise you will get into a debt which will never end.

If you are a big spender and you spent a lot on dining or entertainment or most of your expenses are for grocery purchases and utility payments then best credit card in UAE cover all your needs.

 Similarly if you are spending on air tickets or purchases while travelling home or for a business tour you can use credit card services. Now there is an amazing feature of a best credit card in UAE that it is free of fee but many charges some of the fee on the annual basis. When we compare the percentage we have concluded that all banks have free-for-life credit cards. But most of the banks do not provide this service to all the customers and it is specific only to big investors or high net worth individual who can bear the expenses of a best credit card in UAE. So when a bank calls you to promote its best credit card in UAE, the first question to ask is if it has annual charges or not?

Some of the top banks in Dubai have an annual fee of up to Dh2, 000. However, these credit cards also have some of the attractive perks and cash back discounts to compensate the charges. For example, people who travel constantly might benefit from a best credit card in UAE which would provide maximum points from travel or give attractive offers on ticket prices and airport lounges.

There is another factor that is very much important to understand and it is the interest rate being charged on the payments through a best credit card in UAE. If you are interested in a single digit interest rates on your best credit card in UAE then it is good for you. Now there are different types of benefits and rewards being provided by a best credit card in UAE in the form of a Cashback discounts, rewards, air miles, bonus points. That’s why there are many things you can get by using your credit card. Once again, the first step means you know what kind of benefits are most suitable and appropriate for you. Some of these benefits come with terms and conditions because these are very necessary and no business or package could run without any terms and conditions. When we talk about the terms and conditions it means minimum spend or are limited to particular retailers you should check out your interest rate.  You can visit the official website of a bank or you can call a few banks to see where you can get the best deals for a best credit card in UAE.

Best credit card in UAE – Services of Mashreq Bank

Most banks in Dubai that are among top banks offer more than one card such as a supplementary card or an online purchases card. When we talk about an online card it means that one can get all products through e-commerce from garments to mobile accessories. Now from the list of top banks we have concluded that Mashreq bank is one of the most reliable bank for a best credit card in UAE. It is one of the oldest bank working in Dubai from last three decades and is most credible bank when we visit the global market of Dubai. Besides providing credit card facilities, bank also provide wealth management services, life insurance policies and maximum investment solutions. The credit card services of Mashreq bank provide maximum cash back discount offers to compensate the spending of a customer.