Factors You Must Consider While Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

A flower girl is an important person during the wedding ceremony. All eyes will be on her as she walks down the aisle, showering petals, and smiling sweetly for the cameras. Whether your flower girl is a sister, cousin, niece, or family friend, the perfect dress will make her feel confident throughout the special day. Flower girl dresses in Sydney are available in a wide range of variety.

Listed below are factors you must consider while choosing a flower girl dress. You must follow these guidelines and you will end up with an attendant that's cute and a fit for your big day. 

Opt for the color and style first

It is bride’s time to rule, so the bride can freely choose the flower girl dress, as there are no rules towards proper fit, color, style, or fabric. The majority of the brides opts for a gown that matches with her wedding theme. One common option is an ivory or white frock that go well with the bride's wedding gown. Otherwise, a lot of brides choose a dress in a similar hue to the bridesmaid's gown. If you are not being able to decide about the flower girl dress, you must consider asking the littlest member for her opinion!

Consider the season

Flower girl’s attire must be according to the season. You must stick with open-toed shoes and short sleeves for hot weather weddings, and you can consider adding sweaters or tights to the for cold-weather wedding ceremonies. That way, she won't feel too hot or cold during the ceremony.

Plan for her to grow into it

While opting for a flower girl dress, do not worry about finding the perfect fit. The flower girl must neither wear anything oversized or too fitted. You can save the alterations for your bridesmaids and let the little lady wear the dress as it comes she will look adorable! Always remember, that young kids grow very quickly. If you are ordering the frock in advance, it would be better to go one size up.

Remember that fabric matters

The fabric of the flower girl frocks should match the wedding theme, it is advisable to stay away from anything too heavy and stiff. As the flower girl will move around while wearing the frock, opt for something that resists wrinkles. Satin is one of the most common fabrics for flower girl dresses, which is durable and comfortable. Avoid silk; although the fabric is comfortable, it tears easily and is pretty expensive.

Choose the right length for her age

Most flower girl frocks are either tea-length or floor-length. Tea-length dresses can be a good option as they will not drag on the ground. On the other hand, floor-length dresses, tend to look more elegant and are best suited for older girls.

Flower girl dresses in Sydney can be bought from a variety of places, such as bridal dress shops and online shops. A lot of brides opt for dresses that are specifically designed for flower girls, while others opt for the more affordable party dress.