What Happens at a Model United Nations in UAE

Model United Nations or MUN conferences are great events for youth and students where they get a chance to shine and improve their skills that helps in personality building. These events are organized at local as well as international levels. Here’s the detail about what goes on during a model united nations UAE

Before these conferences formally begin, participants who are called as delegates, must prepare thoroughly and do research. Delegates are assigned a specific country beforehand and there is a need to be well informed about the given topics as discussions are build upon the stances a person has during the committee sessions of a model united nations UAE. Conferences also require participants to write a position paper that informs others and makes clear about what are the opinions and views they hold and are willing to talk about. Delegates also give suggestions and proposals on how they wish to undertake the issue and solve it. It should be noted that even in the UN, all matters aren’t resolved immediately so it's fine to have suggestions and there is no need to be extra concerned about the validity and of results. One needs to prove that one is capable enough to lead others and present new ideas and work efficiently with their team. 

If a person is going to represent their assigned country in the WHO committee, he/she should note down all the health hazards and troubles and prevailing issues of his/her state and how to tackle them. After a discussion about these problems, it is essential that delegates give a proper conclusion and ways to improve such situations. The same methodology should be applied to other committees as well and the topics of discussion and points of arguments should be tailored accordingly. 

During the conference, members of a group and committee need to collaborate and work with each other in a team. Chair of a group should be selected who can serve as a moderator during discussions. The chair can be chosen based on experience in MUNs or good leadership skills among other factors. After that, delegates are required to make speeches about their country’s position. This is a major benefit of attending a model united nations UAE as public speaking skills are greatly improved through participation and exposure provided in such an event. The information on which the delegate debates on should come from the position paper. Everyone presents their country’s stance and present possible solutions to the issues they highlight. Question and answer session are also organized which tests one’s mental strength and quick-thinking skills.

Afterward, a resolution is written by the committee taking into account all the discussions and debates held during that time. It gives insight into what was the major focus and what solutions can be applied to resolve a problem. The committee votes and if the resolution passes, it proves that the job is well done. In each committee, the best delegates receive awards as well.