A Brief Look at Model United Nations Conference

The united nations encompass groups of people representing their countries and presenting, making and drafting solutions which are typically called resolutions for the benefit of the world.

Just to explain the Model United Nations Conference in general, it is a race and a struggle to win resolutions using negotiating power. Students are given different countries to represent. Now their work is to show their best-negotiating skills and pass resolutions in favor of their country. The students that stand out in public speaking, negotiating skills and diplomacy are awarded rewards. By participating in this conference students gather various skills which help them in many different situations rather than imitating the United Nations.

Model United Nations Conference

These conferences can be sketched back to India in 1949 and since then it gradually took the pace and from 1996 onwards these conferences are a regular thing. They were being conducted on the national and international level. Even so, the United Nations Information Centre recorded about 50 Model United Nations Conferences held in India in one year by various educational institutions.

The debates held on different topics are the same as that of the topics discussed in the real United Nations. For instance, real-world issues like the rights of religious minorities or enhancement of security of nuclear plants to keep accident hazards away. There are many other topics discussed in the Conference and these debates are held under specific rules called the “Rules of Procedure” just like the real United Nations.

Usually, those students take part in these conferences who want to pursue their political career. They get motivated and have an outlook to become future leaders. These conferences are held each year around the world and are a good source to gather experience. The representatives of different countries are presented with awards based on their performance at the conference. The delegates with best skills are awarded a gavel. Other awards are also presented this varies from conference to conference. Occasionally other councils are also made which are not a part of the United Nations this depends on the political environment of that time. This conference is very valuable for the youth who strive to understand the working mechanism of how government works. If you want to make a difference and yearn for change then it is best for you to take part in the conference. 

If you do not fully understand the purpose of joining this conference just keep in mind that you must learn to stand by what you say. You should take part in the MUN conference to achieve a wider outlook on issues faced worldwide and at the national level. The students in national councils represent their leaders and share their portfolios. The Executive board members are there to address all the rules and formally start the discussion. The debates on the topic discussed under discussion are held and each student represents his/her take on the matter in detail. The executive board scrutinizes over the discussion and make sure it is held under standards of the United Nations. In this way, you can get a closer look at the politics in this Model United Nations Conference.