What is Airbnb? 
The term Airbnb means it is a concept for providing accommodation to the tourist and general public for a fixed period. It is to be known as bed and breakfast. As there are many tourists to visit, people started to realize that there is a potential in gaining huge sums of profits if they start to rent out their spare property for some time. Unlike hotels, Airbnb bend is not a hotel but is a property of an owner who is willing to rent it out to the people and will be paid for it. 

What is the concept of Airbnb?
The concept for Airbnb is pretty simple. The landlords who have a spare property or a spare house which is not in use can be formed as Airbnb bend. They are a privately owned house or property which are given to tourist or public on a rental basis in order to use it. They help to provide a luxury lifestyle and enhance the experience of better accommodation. As when people used to book the hotel, they used to get only a room on rent depending upon the number of days the stay was but the real difference came after the introduction of Airbnb in 2008, when the Airbnb rental started, instead of just a room the whole house was given which kept the privacy even beyond and secured with enhanced luxury. 

Why choose Airbnb bend? 
The biggest reason why people are choosing Airbnb is because of the privacy that is not invaded or disturbed. As in hotels, the rooms are private for sure but there are other people around or near your room as well. This is the biggest concern regarding the privacy issue as anyone can see anyone in the lobby walking or in which room a person is staying that can invade the privacy and even you can be caught by your relatives. There was no answer to solve this issue until the introduction of Airbnb came and it turned out to be a massive success just because the privacy was secured and was not invaded by anyone. As in Airbnb bend, the whole house is given on rent to guest and by this, there is no way anyone else can come in and invade your privacy. 

Is it worth to invest in Airbnb bend?
According to the survey, in the United States of America, 95% of tourists and rental is being carried out through Airbnb bend for the accommodation which shows a very positive sign that it will definitely be considered worthy to invest in Airbnb. There has been an increase in Airbnb day by day and its use is also growing effectively which cannot be a bad decision to invest in Airbnb. However, there are factors that must be taken into consideration in order to gain successful growth for Airbnb business before you start to invest. The factors are important to consider. 

Factors that need to be considered for the successful growth of Airbnb.
  • Do not lend the accommodation before the payment has been received by the guest. 
  • Make a list of the rules that must be followed by the guest and those rules cannot be broken. Rules include such as no damage to be caused on the property and if the damage is found, the guest will be charged for it. 
  • No use of illegal weapons or drugs throughout the stay in the accommodation. 
  • No guest is allowed to carry the act of violence. 
What are the benefits of investing in Airbnb bend?
  • The host will be getting the source of income on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon the number of days of stay.
  • The host can collect the money from the Airbnb bend rent and can invest in other businesses.