How Natural wood turn into the Natural edge cutting board

What is woodcutting? 
Woodcutting has been in use for thousands of years which are still widely in use. With the help of woodcutting, multiple types of wood objects made. One of the highest consumption of woodcutting is in furniture used for home and work purposes. Without the use of woodcutting, it would be challenging to create wood items such as a chair, tables, door, etc. Woodcutting is a part of a business that has been profitable and benefited the whole economy due to its useful items made. Similarly, with the help of woodcutting, natural edge cutting boards are created.

What is a wood cutting board?
We all have seen crockery items such as plates, knife, mugs, etc. The wood cutting board is also a crockery item made from pure wood, and its purpose is to cut the vegetables and meat smoothly. The natural edge cutting board has made cooking more comfortable and effective. With its help, it has made cutting efficiently and smoothly. Without the use of cutting boards, it would be difficult to cut vegetables and meat smoothly.

What are the advantages of a natural edge cutting board?

  • Natural edge cutting board is easy to wash.
  • It is easy to carry due to its lightweight. 
  • Made from wood which is a durable good and does not break easily. 
  • It has helped to cut vegetables and meat smoothly. 

What are the disadvantages of the natural edge cutting board?

  • It causes scratches on the board quickly due to the sharp edges of the knife.  
  • The color of the cutting board starts to fade out after a few months of use due to excessive washing and cleaning. 
  • It becomes dull over time. 

How is the natural edge cutting board made? 
The woodcutting board is a lengthy process which includes multiple steps that listed as follow. 

1.    Trees are cut 
The first step for wood cutting includes cutting trees. The trees are cut and send to the factories for further process.

2.    Leaves are separated 
Once the tree sent to factories leaves separated for further processing. 

3.    Cut into logs 
After the leaves are separated, they are further cut into equal portion known as logs. 

4.    Washed with chemicals 
After the logs cut, they sent for washing with chemicals for cleaning purposes.

5.    Logs hollowed 
When logs washed with chemicals, then the next part is to hollow the woods with the help of tools.

6.    Woodturning process 
Once logs hollowed, they are used in woodturning machine to craft the wood.

7.    Crafting and shaping 
With the help of chisel, wood is crafted and shaped to form an object. 

8.    Smooth surface
With the help of a machine, the edges of the wood cutting board is used to smoothen the wood for cutting.

9.    Polishing
Natural edge cutting board includes the polishing process, which adds a shine to the wood and they are ready to be sold in the market. 

After reviewing a complete summary on cutting board, I would like to suggest that they have helped to reduce the vegetables and meat efficiently and effectively. It also has made cooking more comfortable, and it saves time as well to prepare the food. Due to its compatibility and flexibility, it provides smooth cutting.

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