6 Reasons You Should Switch to CBD Capsules

We’ve all seen the hype of CBD in everything to the point you might even begin to find CBD toothpastes in the market. And it’s no surprise the rise in the CBD market provided all the benefits CBD provides. But here’s the tricky part, how should you consume CBD to gain the most advantages from it from the countless product options available in markets. Of course you may want to go for one that proves to be the most useful.

There are different methods you can consume CBD fitness in your daily routine which include oil tinctures, smoking or vaping and pills.

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We’ve listed a few reasons how CBD pills can provide more ease as compared to these other methods:


1.      Convenience:

Popping CBD capsules in your mouth might be the most convenient consumption option. As with other options such as oil tinctures measuring out the right amount of dosage you need to get the required CBD concentration and putting it under your tongue for a prolonged duration, needs getting used to and still many people don’t prefer it. Likewise, smoking is not always a suitable option especially in places like offices, institutions etc. Moreover, many people are already used to taking medications hence pills are easier to consume for them. 

2.      Discreet and Easy Portability:

Another advantage of taking CBD capsules is that you can take them anywhere with you without the fear of leakage such as with oil or the pills taking up too much space when you’re travelling. Also, CBD capsules are discreet. Since CBD is still not legalized or commonly accepted by the population you might get stares if you start putting oil under your tongue or smoking/vaping it. However, CBD capsules look very similar to everyday vitamin supplements hence an easy way to avoid those uncomforting stares.

3.      Increased Absorption:

Each consumption option has a different rate and level of absorption into your body. For example creams only work on the area they’re applied and are less likely to enter the blood stream itself rather work with the skin cells. Sublingual method i.e. oil tinctures does have an increased rate of absorption however some amount of CBD is still lost to the digestive system. Whereas capsules have small oil droplets in them which cover extra surface once they enter the blood stream; proving to be one of the most efficient ways of consumption due to the increased bioavailability.

4.      Longer Duration of Effects:

While capsules take longer to come into functioning which is usually duration of 30 minutes since they have to enter the blood stream of the body, their effects are known to last longer as compared to other methods which provide faster effects such as smoking but their effects last only a short period of time. Thus, for longer lasting effects taking CBD capsules is the best option to opt for.

5.      Tasteless and Odorless:

Many people avoid medications due to an unpleasantness for their taste and/or smell. CBD oil is another method in which you’ll have to bear through the taste of it under your tongue. An alternative and better option to this is to for CBD capsules which companies usually produce to be tasteless and odorless like normal pills. It is also a better option for people who have diabetes and other problems due to which they can’t consume CBD gummies which contain artificial sugar components.

6.      Dosage Measurements:

There is no exact measurement as to how much dosage of CBD you should be taking for it to work for you. Due to this reason you’ll have to experiment with the dosage till you find the one that suits you and the problems you’re tackling. However, once you’ve found the right dosage it’s difficult to take out the right measurement especially in cases of smoking. CBD capsules on the other hand come with an exact concentration of CBD in each pill so you won’t have to worry about measuring it each time you take it. And you can also take more than one pill for example if two are the ideal amount for you, all you’ve to do is take out two pills each time.