8 Ways to Style Your Steampunk Corset

Did you know you can style your corset in various ways rather than just sticking to the usual styles? Steampunk corsets are a vintage take on an outfit that can never go out of fashion. They enhance your curves and tighten your waist while giving a classic feel to the look. Moreover, styling corsets and going out of the usual traditional take on steampunk corsets is the latest trend these days. Even celebrities are taking up corsets to get the ultimate chic look when they head out. Take that corset out of your wardrobe and try these styles to complete your outfit this season.

Here are a few ways you can style your steampunk corset and have the spotlight on you and your exceptional look:

1.     Wear it Over a Shirt Dress:
Wearing a steampunk corset over a simple cotton dress is one of the best ways to bring all the attention to your waist while complimenting your outfit. Pair these with leggings and a pair of sandals or even knee-length boots if the weather allows it and you’re good to go. This is especially an ideal outfit idea for summers where you don’t want to go for too much due to the heat.

2.     Wear an Under-bust with a Dress:
Get a flowy light colored dress and wear it with a matching colored corset or a complimenting pastel color. The dress’s neckline and the matching under-bust corset will accompany your entire look perfectly. Grab a pair of heels to go with it and you can always go for this style on semi-formal occasions without having to go for anything extra all while having an elegant look.

3.     Pair it With Jeans and Boots:
For a winter look you can always pair your corset with a t-shirt, jeans and boots and get a chic and stylish look. You can even grab skinny jeans to really bring out your figure alongside the corset all while never failing to look stylish. And of course, trendy boots go with every occasion in the cool weather whether they’re ankle-high or knee-length.

4.     Focus on the Color Coordination:
Color coordination is a primary aspect of any outfit. If you can mix and match your clothing pieces with the perfect coordination any outfit can become a stylish look. The best way to make this happen is to get neutral and earthy colored steampunk corsets and colorful shirts and jeans to go with it.
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5.     Wear a Corset on Its Own:
You can always wear a steampunk corset on its own if you get it right. To wear a corset as your outfit of the day, you need to make sure the corset is breathable and comfortable enough. Since the corset is going to be a standalone you can get one with a more sophisticated neckline. The corset can act as a dress or you can wear skirts, leggings etc. underneath it.

6.     Make it a Crop-Corset:
Another stylish outfit idea is to make your steampunk corset a crop-top. Crop-corsets are over-bust corsets that give a crop-top look and were a look that raged the fashion world in summers. The crop-corset can once again get you all the attention you want. Plus you can pair with high-waist shorts or even a long skirt depending on how you want to style it and the occasion.

7.     Add Accessories:
The steampunk look isn’t just about a piece of clothing. To get your steampunk corset an extra trendiness the corset calls for accessories to go with it. Adding leather straps, buckles, studs, chains and other accessories can definitely finish your steampunk outfit with an extra classiness and complete the overall look. Other than the outfit accessories, you can always go with jewelry accessories as well specifically ones like chokers and watches that complement the steampunk look well.

8.     Grab a Blazer on Top:
If the lacy lingerie-like feeling of the corset isn’t quite the outfit you want to style another useful tip is to grab a blazer on top with colors such as white, black, beige etc. In winters, it will keep the blazer can keep you warm while also give your corset an additional formal take on the look that you can wear on parties, hangouts etc.