Benefits of Massage Therapy for Atheletes in Kennewick Wa

The advantages of massage therapy have long been considered to both professional athletes. A solid workout schedule can help you achieve peak sports performance, while an efficient recovery plan will help maintain your growth from being derailed and decrease the chances of injury. In fact, they also form part of regular workout and help athletes heal from extensive fitness training.

Here are a few reasons athletes should start considering massage therapy into their routine:

  • Decreases Inflammation of Muscles:

Getting daily massages tends to keep your muscles healthy and active by lowering the inflammation. Muscles undergo a degree of exercise-induced injury and inflammation during intense exercise. The muscles in the body need a great deal of energy to heal this pain and inflammation. Luckily, massage therapy helps provide this strength to athletes. By creating mitochondria, massage can help activate the release of energy an athlete needs to continue performing. Thus, the body has enough strength to heal the damage which happens during a strenuous workout, thus significantly decreasing the body's inflammation.

  • Helps Reduce Pain:

If you experience inflammation in the body, pain is normally present as well. When our body reduces pain it simultaneously reduces the inflammation in the body alongside.  It has been proven by studies that our cells create more mitochondria and endorphin, the hormone that lessens pain receptor’s functioning, when we get massage therapy. It gives the body more strength to assist the process of recovery. Massage also significantly reduces mental extertions such as anxiety sand stress, which in effect helps to promote the process of healing.

  • Improves an Athlete’s Posture and Body Form:

It is normal for the body to attempt to reduce stress in the area affected by altering the posture to allocate the pressure to the parts of body surrounding it when the body is constantly exposed to a significant amount of physical stress. It slowly leads to a pattern of inhabiting an unhealthy and negative posture. This can cause multiple problems such as bent back, pain in the neck, shoulders and hips, and several other issues that may impact long-term performance of an athlete. As well as the increased risk to injuries resulting from poor posture. Massage helps with this issue by relaxing the muscles and helping relieve pain in the major muscles of the body which consequently improves the athlete’s posture.

  • Increases Movement and Flexbility:

As an athlete, or even as a person who goes for routine exercises, increased movement range and mobility can help to improve the individual's performance, prevent further injuries, and increase the speed of the recovery period. Getting regular massages increases range and movement and flexibility by increasing blood flow to muscle as well as fascia tissues. Blood circulation is an integral element for an athlete’s body since he increased circulation of the blood helps to ease muscle tension, lessen body soreness, and make the recovery duration faster.

  • Improves the Athlete’s Performance:

Your athletic performance improves significantly than before with an increased range of movement and agility, a relaxed and concentrated body and mind alongside decreased body pain and inflammation, and decreased risk of injury. The best part of getting a massage for an athlete is that not only does it improves your performance since your body’s functionality and healing is improved but you’re also bound to feel much better in your sports performance after getting a massage. 

  • A Healthier Alternative For Athletes:

Where athletes have to fall to steroids or pain killers to reduce the pain of injuries and improve their athletic performance, massage therapy is a healthier alternative to both. Massage therapy both improves in healing chronic pain experienced by athletes and improve their stamina for routine workouts. As far as synthetic medicine and steroids go, you are temporarily getting the benefits but harming your body in the long run as research proves that they both drastically affect your body’s inner mechanism.

Accident Chirowa understands the needs of the athletes who need to relax after regular exertion on their body and mind. This is where our team of professional massage therapists come in who are highly trained to fulfill the needs of every individual and give them a massage they’ll want to come back for.