End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey Makes you get Back your Security!

Does the thought of moving out from a rented house make you stressed up? The idea of all the packing and cleaning of the house before you leave make you tired already? Why should you worry when you can get a professional helping hand to share your cleaning stress? We understand that you will get the security back only when you leave the house in good condition and who can do it better than the professional end of tenancy cleaning Surrey service. These service providers have the right experience, knowledge and expertise to comply with Landlord’s requirements. This cleaning service is not only for leaving tenants but also for landlords and estate agents who want to market their property well to find new tenants. In this article, you will get to know how this service helps tenants get security refunded, and Landlords and estate agents to make their property presentable for putting on rent again. 

Which Customers do End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey Caters?
A flawless end of tenancy service executed by professionals is bound to fulfil your requirement and caters following customers.
  • Tenants who are leaving and wants their security fully refunded.
  • Landlords who own the property and wants a deep cleaning to find new tenants.
  • Estate agents who want the property to look flawless to market in front of potential new tenants.

What does the service include? 
You can expect below cleaning service expertise from a professional and experienced team which will help you save time and money. 
  • Use of ecofriendly detergents and chemicals to clean floors, surfaces, walls and fixtures with a high cleaning standard. 
  • Without wasting time the end of tenancy cleaning Surrey provides efficient service to tenants, landlords and estate agents. 
  • Provides satisfaction to customer by paying keen attention to neglected areas. 
  • Use of modern equipment, best cleaning methods and ecofriendly chemicals to get the best cleaning result. 
  • Devising a cleaning plan and providing professional cleaning strategy
  • Excellent service with competitive rates 
  • Catering all sizes of projects from small scale to big scale
  • Easy to access and convenient to book
  • Free quotation and open discussion about all your requirements

How to Book
1. You can book a tenancy cleaning service online or on the number given on web portal
2. Once it is booked, you have to empty property from personal belongings
3. A team of experts will visit your facility for a top to bottom clean
4. With such flawless result, you will pass the inspection and get your security back

End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey Checklist
You will receive a signed and completed checklist at the end of the cleaning to show that you hired a professional cleaning service. The checklist will include the following areas. 

  • Kitchen- cleaning of all surfaces, cupboards, fixtures, sink, door and windows.
  • Bathroom- cleaning, descaling and lime scaling of shower, taps, tiles, lights, fixtures, doors, faucets, window sills and mirror. 
  • Bedroom- cleaning, dusting and hovering of all surfaces, wall hangings, mirror, furniture, windows, doors, floors and carpets. 
  • Living room- similar process as a bedroom with the addition of dusting of all electronic equipment like TV and devices