How to train my Macaw Parrots to talk?

All the parrots have an anatomy that makes them intelligent enough to talk. You can always train your feathered friend to say all sorts of words or at least repeat them after you. Once it starts responding to the words you may try working on phrases or questions. No doubt, teaching a Macaw takes time and patience however it is indeed fascinating and full of fun.

No doubt it is a difficult part to teach your Macaw to talk rather it is indeed a demanding task. You need to be a trainer who is affectionate and well disciplined. You will have to device means and ways to entice your bird to imitate new sounds. 

What you need to remember the most is that teaching first word to your Macaw is the most difficult task and hence you need to have patience at its best. Let us talk about certain tips facilitating you to teach your Macaw talk. Goffins cockatoo lifespan needs a well-constructed cage not only to prevent it from escaping but also to keep it from destroying itself. 

Teach your Macaw to imitate you: You may start with the little words to see how your Macaw imitates the human speech. Simple words will be easier to master for your Macaw. You may start with the words like hi, bye, good etc. 

Say the words clearly and frequently: Every time you will be around the parrot, you should look in to its eyes and say out the word that you want it to master.  Speak slowly so that your bird will be in a stronger position to imitate you after hearing you. Say the words several times in order to ensure that the word is properly understood. 

Give your parrot treat whenever it makes sound: Macaw is social parrots and hence they will be interested in talking back to you. They may not be able to pronounce the words clearly to you after one time. However, if they make a sound then you should treat it. This will be encouraging for your feathered friend and it will keep on trying. 

Keep repeating the word and rewarding your macaw: Every time your bird says words once you say it, give it a treat along with praise. In this way it will get closer to pronounce the words correctly. 

Move to a new word: Once you find out that the parrot has started saying a word accurately then you should change the word. Different macaws have different capacity to learn the words. This depends on the personality, and age of the parrots. However, most of the macaws are capable of learning several words. It is highly suggested that you should keep on using the same word until and unless it masters it accurately. 

Associate the words with the objects or actions: Most of the Macaws will be in a better position to learn the words when they will see that it is connected with something like rewards. For instance, you should teach it to say the word Apple by giving a slice to the parrot every time. Wave your hand every time you will be saying hello. These are certain ways of teaching simple words to the Macaws. 

While teaching your Macaws to talk, you need to ensure that you teach them something that you do not regret later on. It has been an agreed upon fact that Macaws have very good memory and hence they will not be forgetting any phrase or a word that they would master. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about what words you will be teaching to your feathered friend. If you will teach it something that is naught enough to be accepted, you will actually regret afterwards.       

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