Audi (A) V/S Audi (R) series, which one is perfect?

 We all highly admire past, new and upcoming Audi brand creations. They blend the product with high technology, stunning and elegant designs and solid performance electrical systems. Which is why every car model is incredibly handsome and unique. If someone asks me which Audi model is your favorite one then it took me ages to answer this question as all the models have unique features and quality. When Audi introduces a new model, it doesn’t mean that it lacks in quality, performance or speed. Only minute features are transformed to design the new one and to distinguish it from other models.

AUDI A Series

Audi A series is ultra-refined and a dream-like car, no one can take their eyes off of Audi. When you will know about its features, it will leave you in a jaw-dropping state. Audi A series is totally designed for the everyday drive. Its lush features and the comfort it provides is totally out of this world and no matter how far you travel or cover the distance, you will never feel exhausted while driving as it offers the most comfortable driving seat and steering wheel. As it is an everyday use drive so its sole focus is totally on quality-ride and high-level performance. All Audi A series models come up with turbocharged engines, amazing and powerful horsepower to hit high speeds. The most recent model of A series is Audi A8 which encompasses features like a Bang & Olufsen® 3D Premium Sound System and MMI® Navigation plus complete with touch-response, voice command, and smartphone compatibility, this car has unmatched features which one can dream off.

Audi R series

Audi R series are specifically designed for sports cars and they are super cars comprising of only two models i.e. R8 and R8 Spyder. Audi R series shares the features with Lamborghini Gallardo. They are one of the top sports cars around the world.


So there is no comparison between Audi A series and Audi R series as they both are totally opposite from each other. R series is considered as sports cars so they are specific to it, you cannot drive it on the busy roads, and cannot use it for personal use. Its engine cannot be for regular use as it encompasses a high-powered engine which is the requirement of sports cars. So Audi A series is perfect for personal use, no matter which model you choose. The dynamic features, high mobility, seamless speed, stunning body, matchless outer look is all that one needs in their exclusive investment.

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