Best Practices to follow for Integrating ERP with Magento

 What is E-commerce ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning in the business helps in product planning, marketing sales, development, manufacturing, and store data in the database. It provides relevant information and schedules to make decisions precisely. 

E-commerce business requires an online presence that has effective management of processes including the supply chain, inventory, finances, and procurement that is powered by the ERP system. Enterprise Resource Planning helps in quality integration and brings high returns. Even the Magento developers Melbourne are integrating ERP with the e-commerce platform because of the following reasons:

Advantages of integrating ERP with Magento

        It performs the process of inventory status, item categories, order history, shipping data, and customer information automatically.

        The item's availability, tracking of orders, and other information can be handled without hiring staff. 

        The process of product and price are updated easily.

        It provides flexibility by adding multiple online and offline channels for sales that reduce inventory costs.

         The financial reports and tax compliance are generated automatically with transparency.

Important things before integrating ERP into an E-commerce platform

        Work on the integration of important sections like the location of shipment, card payments authorization, special discounts, handling promotions, and other basic configurations include customer database, products, and orders.

        Some extensions provide notifications to the customers for correct order, payment succeeded, items dispatched detail, tracking ID, and location. This helps in communicating with the viewers and converts them into potential customers.

        Magento Development Company maintains an ERP system that handles accounting systems which has a collection of item sales, payment information, and more. The backend management accounting in the correct way can help in achieving better growth of the business.

Things to note while integrating ERP with Magento

Which data needs to be integrated?

Generally, the data that contains product details, order information, and inventory are shared with the ERP system. It is very important to set the target for the technical capabilities of data integration that business tries to achieve.

Triggering and Timing

The data flow between the ERP system and the Magento platform should track the schedule of process triggers. Like after the payment is completed the ERP system should gather details to generate a tracking ID and send it to the Magento platform. Many such things should be managed between the ERP system and the Magento platform.

Benefits of automation

The system can automatically generate order entry, distribution tracking ID, and other workflows that save both time and money. Good quality ERP tools that automatically generate the process to simplify fulfillment and minimizes management handling. 

Improve taxation

The most complex workflow like taxation management can be made seamless using ERP integration with the Magento platform. E-commerce businesses can use the system as it resolves the taxation issue that they face during integration and synchronizes the sales tax amounts created by the ERP system.

Customer Experience

This integration improves the end-user experience and has seamless internal operations. The dataflow in the organization can maximize the value of an investment and provide support to the users. The Magento ERP integration drives efficiency and handles the backend operational infrastructure for e-commerce business.

Some useful extensions for Magento 2 ERP

Inventory Management

Magento agency Sydney can add the extension for an e-commerce business to handle items efficiently. Some steps to manage the inventory:

        Make a particular warehouse for specific customers and store views

        Manage the stock grid where you can edit or restock the warehouse of particular products.

        Set up and enable the backorder functionality for the warehouse.

        Divide the products into several shipments to deliver them separately and calculate the cost depending on the warehouse location

        Divide the stock levels based on physical quantity, available quantity, and quantity to ship.

        Set the availability of product quantity based on the warehouse priorities.

        Use the algorithm that selects the best warehouse according to the location, customer group, and store view.

        Define the custom shipping methods and calculate the shipping costs efficiently

Product Management

Magento development Melbourne can help in adding extra features in the product functionality and provides great opportunities like:

        Additional attributes for products

        Provides the ability to edit product details in the grid

        Create custom product grid easily

        Adding filters to the products and divide them into categories

        Changing the product availability based on the quantity

Order Management

        Filtering orders by price, discounts, weight, and more

        Maintain the record for customer information for customer groups, emails, shipping, phone number, payments, and more

        Use the product thumbnail images for better and easy sorting in the grid

Backorders Management

This extension allows the customers to backorder or pre-orders the products that are not currently available. Analyze the product requirements by the customers to let them pre-order the upcoming stock or items. Make the store more efficient and manageable by dividing them into simple, grouped, or configurable.

Magento developers Melbourne can add all these extensions and improve the performance of your e-commerce store. There are many advantages of integrating ERP with Magento that will save time and money. Hire Magento Development Company for best services and support for the growth of small or large scale businesses. Take advantage of these opportunities and increase the returns of the business. Magento with ERP integration is one of the best strategies used in the market to manage e-commerce stores. Contact us now and avail of the best services in the market.