Invest in Jacobson Golf Course Mowers to Keep Your Golf Course Functioning Properly!

 Apart from owning a large golf course, it is highly essential to carry out its proper care and maintenance. Investing in supreme quality Golf Course equipment proves to be handy as they are designed for a particular use on a golf course. Golf Course equipment ensures that the area is kept in a spotless condition and the terms management practices are well managed and in place. To keep up a golf course operational, you, as an owner or a golf course manager, are required to have the appropriate equipment such as Jacobsen golf course mowers.

What Are the Different Types of Golf Course Equipment? 


Turf-Cutting Equipment

Turf cutting equipment is used to maintain the turf and cut it to a certain length. Various Golf Course mowers allow the maintenance staff to change the speed of cutting when they are required to change the length of the turf. This becomes primarily beneficial when the grass of the Golf Course requires it to be thicker in Spring and thinner in fall and winter. Mowers are equipped with a complex hydraulic system that is capable of cutting the grass to low levels required by the golf course.


Aeration Equipment

Aeration equipment is used for the cultivation process, which removes organic material from harming the roots of the turf. Apart from performing the aeration process on trees and greens, it is also performed on fairways. Not investing in aeration equipment leads to a substantial lack of turf quality that can be easily identifiable to many golfers. 

Spraying Equipment 

Spraying equipment is used to spray chemical fertilizers and pesticides around the Golf Course to protect the grass of the area from harmful pests and insects. They consist of a vehicle, a vessel for holding sprinkling liquid and spraying arms.


Investing in brand new golf course equipment can prove to be extremely expensive, which is why Golf Course owners or managers choose to buy used golf course mowers and other equipment. Look for reputable suppliers in your city to buy Top Notch quality turf equipment for sale and save some bucks while maintaining your Golf Course.