Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture Installation Advic

The Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture is among the top trend for bathroom renovations in the UK. You may already know bathroom furniture has gained popularity in the last few years. One logical reason for maybe people have realized that the number of items they use in the bathroom has increased, and there should be something to keep them out of sight. Otherwise, you may have to find a suitable place in the room as leaving them on the side of the basin, and bath, etc., can turn it full of clutter and unorganized. For this purpose, bathroom vanity units and cabinets come in handy that not only increase the storage capacity but also enhance the overall look. 

slimline fitted bathroom furniture

What is Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture?

To understand the Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture, we should first know about fitted furniture. In simple words, it a combination of different units that fit together perfectly to create a coordinated look. These not only provide extensive storage but also save space in the bathroom. Among this fitted furniture, a slimline range comprises units with compact features so you can fit them into even smaller spaces. For example, it may include a vanity unit with a top washbasin. You may also have an option of WC UNIT that fits under the vanity unit and an on-top sink. With slightly different combo units, there might be a cabinet, a tallboy with it to increase your storage capacity.  The slimline series may feature wall hung vanity unit, toilets, and sink. All of them are sleek designs that fit on the wall, leaving space underneath. 

How Does Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture Benefits You?

It helps you in two ways. The first is it helps you save space in the bathroom. In case you are worried about a small bathroom, then you have got a solution here. The main purpose of these types of units is to offer maximum storage capacity even in small spaces. When you can attach everything like the sink, storage, toilet within one bigger unit, you can actually save a lot of space as there will be no separate fixtures required anymore. By choosing a Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture, you can save even more space. 

Can I install Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture by Your Self?

While many people try to do most of the household work on their own, it is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, it is recommended to leave it for a professional. It is because of their experience, they can fit with perfection. However, if you have experience of using few tools and feel confident to do it yourself, we are providing you with the things that you should consider for DIY.

You need the following tools for this purpose.

  • 1x Measuring Tape

  • 1x Lead Pencil,

  • 1x Wrench (adjustable and pipe)

  • 1x Cutter

  • 1x Spanner

  • 1x Drilling Machine

  • Screwdriver Set

  • Sealant and Silicone Gun

As there are different bathroom furniture available, refer to a specific manufacturer manual in order to understand their installation. These manuals offer complete guidance divided into different sections, from assembly to installation and modification if required. You should not use or try to use the wrong one if you don't have knowledge and experience about it. Doing it yourself will only be possible for a person who has already done similar tasks. 

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In this article, we had a detailed discussion on Slimline Fitted Bathroom Furniture. After reading it, you are in a better position to understand what these are and how they may benefit you. You can install them to get benefit from their space-saving compact features and clean, coordinated look. At Royal Bathroom, we offer many bathroom fittings at lower prices. Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional style, we have the products to suit everyone.