How Instagram Helps Your Business


Marketing on Instagram has proved to be an extremely effective tool for companies looking to increase their online visibility. Businesses can create custom content and distribute it throughout the social media network. The key to marketing on Instagram is creating high quality, useful content that your audience will be interested in. Below we discuss some great Instagram tips and tricks that can help you attract more customers to your company's page.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is the ideal place to develop your social media lead generation strategy. Instagram to effectively use hashtags to focus on images and video, which enable businesses to build a physical representation of their brand for their followers. If you don’t have enough, you can buy Instagram Followers Australia from a trusted service provider like The content used on Instagram by an individual company should always work in collaboration with other online branding assets such as your website and offline print materials. Following the example of superfood pizza kingpin Pinterest, Instagram users are permitted to pin any image or video they like from Pinterest straight to their profile.

It has a huge user base

Research has shown that over ninety percent of Instagram users look up content using a popular hashtag, so if you're going to use one to promote your business the focus needs to be on a highly relevant one. Popular hashtags include #hashtag, #ology and #teams, however even if a user finds your hashtags interesting they may not be keen on following you due to your non-specific tags. If you're going to use the popular ones to promote your business, there is therefore no harm in researching which ones are the most popular before using them. Using a third party tool to analyses the most used hashtags will enable you to identify those businesses most likely to benefit from the trend, so you can eliminate the competition in advance.

You get to know how people see you

A fresh set of eyes looking at your Instagram account can often help you identify problems such as a lag in activity, which can be a serious deterrent to the conversion. This can be overcome by adjusting your posting schedule, reducing your daily post and adding more frequent video updates. Another area where many people experience difficulty in is in finding followers who are interested in what you have to say. One way around this is to ensure your posts are targeted towards the interests of your audience. Targeting a niche audience for your Instagram account will help you achieve the highest engagement rate with followers and lead generation potential.

You get customer likes and dislikes

Instagram allows customers to 'like' what they see, enabling them to share it with friends. The ability to encourage users to comment and share your content creates a viral environment where the brand's name and image become prominent to many people. In order to make the most from this form of networking, ensure you add enough relevant hashtags, so your store tab includes everyone who's interested in your product or service. If you already have a social media presence on other networks, consider promoting your Instagram store using these and other relevant hashtags to gain even more exposure. It's also worth creating a dedicated Instagram account, in the same brand name as your main website, to manage the overall visibility of your business.

Stories, daily reach to your customer

One of the biggest areas of growth experienced by companies using Instagram as a platform is in the number of stories posted, and the number of users who are actively looking for those posts. In order to get the most from this marketing strategy, consider purchasing a sponsored listing, so you can gain more exposure for your store and gain a greater level of control over the content you deliver. To get the most out of sponsored posts, ensure that you use relevant hashtags within your description and provide clear guidelines as to the kind of content you are wishing to showcase. For example, if you are selling hair accessories, ensure you choose relevant hashtags, such as "Hairdressing", "Slimming" and "Hair". This will ensure you don't get banned by the Instagram apps for promoting products or services you are not able to sell.

Interact with your followers

As well as viewing rates, Instagram allows you to interact with your Instagram followers. The best way to do this is through the interactive challenges offered within the app, which allows users to show off their skills and achievements. Like Facebook, there are no strict rules when it comes to publishing posts on Instagram. This means that you can be at the center of discussion within the app and ensure that your followers feel like they are a part of it. For example, if you have followers who are constantly posting comments about a particular product you are promoting, invite them to comment and then reply to any questions they may have. This is a brilliant way to boost your following rate and ultimately increase your page views, sales and exposure.


Instagram is not a simple social networking platform, and users need to remember this at all times. Despite its casual appearance, it is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance the visibility of your business. As mentioned previously, it is best to maintain a responsive page and ensure that posts on the page are interactive. The best way to do this is through the various interactive challenges offered through the app. These challenges introduce users to new media and provide them with an opportunity to display their skills in an entertaining format.