What Cocaine Detox Offers?


During cocaine detox, the withdrawal symptoms are mostly psychological in nature. Treatment involves medication and social support. Therapy can be helpful in dealing with negative thinking and behavior patterns. It can help the person identify social stimuli and environment that can trigger a relapse. It can also involve identifying motivational rewards that can instill positive energy in the person. A successful treatment can result in a complete recovery from the effects of cocaine. Here's what to expect during cocaine detox.

Although the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are minimal during the initial phase of treatment, they can still cause serious emotional problems. Moreover, the person may relapse when cravings for the drug hit. The medical professionals of an effective detox facility will support the patient through the difficult phase. Depending on the severity of the addiction, a person may need as many as two weeks to go through cocaine detox. To avoid this, patients must undergo a medical assessment for the entire period of their stay.

Once the patient finishes the medical detox, the withdrawal symptoms will subside. The physical symptoms will resemble a severe flu. Typically, the first two or three days of treatment are enough to let a person function on an average level. Nevertheless, it may take up to three weeks to fully detoxify. Some people may experience relapse after the detox period. It is important to know that the treatment team of an effective cocaine detox program will help them to cope with the difficult time.