Eat Lobster in Six Steps


Do you think eating lobster is difficult? Or are you worried about correct manners when eating lobster? Well, sometimes there are no rules when it comes to eating, so you invent your own. Eating a fresh steamed lobster needs both hands, and as you start cracking, you'll realize that the soft lobster meat is surprisingly delectable, and it tastes best when dipped in hot drawn butter. But where do you begin? Let me walk you through everything step by step!

Step One

Suck the flesh out of the legs by breaking them off at the torso.

Step Two

It's time to get to the correct place. The two claws are the greatest place to begin. The next step is to twist and break the claws away from the lobster's body from the knuckle. Once cooked, all of the steaming salt water is collected there. You'd enjoy this segment since the claws are generally the juiciest part of the lobster.

Step Three

It's time for the break! Clamp the nutcracker tightly along the claw until the sides of the shell shatter. This allows you to split the claw apart and retrieve the lobster meat with your lobster fork. This is the nicest stage since the entire chunk of claw flesh generally comes out in one piece.

Step Four

So, things are about to become interesting. Maintain a firm grasp! Twist the tail completely away from the upper body of the lobster while holding it firmly with both hands. There you have it! Each tail fin may be detached from the tail and contains tasty meat for you to eat.

Step Five

Do you want to enjoy the tail as well? During the cooking process, the lobster's tail will harden and curl. The tail flesh will come out entirely if you gently push it through with your lobster pick. Because lobster tail meat has a strong flavor, and don't forget to dip it in the drink, um, butter!

Step Six

It's time to move on to the legs! We know you're not done, and the delicate, juicy flesh is still waiting for you. If you want to eat your lobster like a real lobster, opt for the meat found in the legs and body. Each lobster leg will easily snap off, allowing you to suck off the lobster meat. The gray/greenish substance detected within the lobster's body is the liver, often known as the tomalley. The tomalley is edible, although it is normally only consumed by the most die-hard lobster fans.

At the final moment of the day, it is totally up to you how you want to eat. Because there are so many directions and stages to learning how to eat a Maine lobster, most people use their own unique technique. We encourage you to experience things your own way. Relax and don't be scared to get a little dirty! If all of that sounds like too much work, you can always get the standard Lobster Roll or let us do the work and order the Lazy Man Lobster, both of which are available at The Maine Restaurant.