How to Get Ready For Your First Motorcycle Road Trip?

 Adventure is more of a lifestyle than a choice of entertainment. When most people think about adventure they usually think about road trips and adventure sports but most people only think about road trips from a four-wheeler point of view. As a result, they ditch the two-wheeler for the sake of a cage where they only get very little space to move around and enjoy the view. On the contrary motorcycle, the adventure will give you the freedom to move around, and enjoy the view just like you are walking. This might sound exciting and indeed it is pretty exciting but if you are planning for a road trip on a motorcycle there is so much more that you need to keep in mind. Most people forget that a motorcycle road trip is considered an adventure for a reason. Once you are on the road, you will be on your own. You need to take care of your safety and you also need to ensure that you have everything you need.

There is no doubt that motorcycle riding is much more difficult for long journeys because you cannot carry any equipment along and there is no storage space at all. If you end up loading your motorcycle badly, this will end up in a balancing disaster and might even result in the form of an accident. On the contrary, if you don’t carry anything, this will become an issue for you because you will be exposed to the outside weather. To minimize the effect of the weather you have to keep track of the weather and carry weatherproofing equipment with you. However, if you get into an accident, the damage will be much worse. So if you are planning to travel for the very first time, you need to consider all these things.

With the help of this article, we will mainly help newbies understand the planning process. We aim to enlist a simple checklist and a few tips that they can follow if they want to pack their equipment and carry their things along.

How to Plan Your Trip?

The panning of your trip will help you not only enjoy your trip thoroughly but it will also help you to know what you need to carry with you. From simple equipment that will ensure your safety to weatherproofing and making your journey comfortable you will need a lot of different things. Here are some of the basics that you will need for your first solo motorcycle road trip.

Equipment for Weather Proofing

Weatherproofing is very important when you are traveling on a motorcycle. This is mainly because you will be fully exposed and in case of weather changes, you will have to bear the consequences. For an easy approach start with a helmet and windshield to provide a simple barrier. Apart from this, you will also need a raincoat, rain boat, umbrella, and motorcycle cover that should also be waterproof. All these things will ensure that no matter what your motorcycle and you can travel and stay safe.

Equipment for Comfort

Since you will be traveling for at least a few hours you will need something that can help you stay comfortable. Two of the most important things that you must carry with you at all times are footrests and a seat pad. Before you start your journey, fix both these accessories so you can enjoy your journey without getting tired.

Carrying Equipment

For carrying equipment you might struggle at first if you are not familiar with the method of carrying equipment. Most people do not realize that a motorcycle is not like a four-wheeler where you can carry everything. You need to have a very minimalistic approach when you carry things. However, if you are good at packing and storing things you can buy saddlebags and luggage carriers. A pair of saddlebags will help you carry everything without feeling uncomfortable and you will be able to carry whatever you want.

Safety Equipment

Within your safety equipment, you will be carrying two different kits. The first kit will be for your health which is the first aid kit and the second kit is for the health of your motorcycle which will be a tool kit. No matter what you carry you need to make sure that the equipment of the tool kit complies with your motorcycle. Most people end up getting motorcycles but they have a very small portable tool kit that doesn’t work with their motorcycle so eventually, this can result in disaster.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you carry things and how you set your priorities. Most people end up staying in hotels where they don’t have to cook so they never carry portable cooking utensils with them. However, there are a few people camping so they have to carry these things with them. The way you will plan your trip and set details will alter the way you pack so it is very important to know how and when you will be traveling and what will be your schedule for the trip.