How to Plan a Tech-Free Motorcycle Road Trip?

 Taking a break from a hectic lifestyle means you are continuously struggling to figure out how to beat the tiredness that you have gained just by scrolling through apps and things you like. We start our day with our phones because most of us use our phones as a way to stay connected. Then we go to work only to stare at our screens for the whole day. Finally, when we return home our entertainment also revolves around technology and we enjoy Netflix. Even if we want to stay informed, learn something new, or explore some options, our first option is to go online and search for them. This prolonged screen time is not only testing our nerves, it is accreting an environment where our body is unable to differentiate between work and entertainment. Our sitting and sleeping postures are becoming slouchy and our bodies are losing flexibility.

According to health experts, chronic pains caused by bad posture are increasing. Every day more than 60% of people entering chiropractors report back pain or extreme stiffness in their neck and shoulder regions because of prolong screen time. Our dependency on our screens is increasing with the movement and things are becoming even more challenging because we find no way to get out of this whirlpool. Currently, more and more people are encouraging the idea of social media and tech detox. Within this process, you are expected to get rid of your phone and avoid using most of the technology that we are highly dependent on right now. Although it is possible yet if you look at its technology, no one will declare it safe. People will tell you that staying away from technology will eventually make you feel more tired because you will be continuously trying to beat the urge of checking your phone. To some extent this is true and for the first few days you will have a high chance of relapse, however, as the time will go on, you will feel the effect and this will change the game for you.

With the help of this article, we will take you back to the tech-free days and help you enjoy and plan a tech-free vacation. Although we encourage you to keep your phone for emergency purposes, we are trying to reduce your reliance on the tech so that you no longer have to rely on your smartphone for simple details.

Plan a Tech-Free Trip for Tech Detox

For your trip planning, you need to start by looking at why you need your phone. You will see that most people need their phones because of navigation, tracking fuel joints, booking hotels, payments, lights, and emergency contact. Although at first, you might feel it is challenging, imagine running out of mobile service in the wilderness. So you will have a basic knowledge about small things like navigation and you will carry around some basic equipment that can help you with staying techy-free.

Learn To read Map

Since navigation is important and you can use Google maps, you have to learn how to read a map.

Learn To Use Compass

Compass is used for direction purposes so if you are planning on using a map, you need the help of a compass as well.

Take a Journal with You

Your journal will help you create a checklist so you don’t end up leaving things behind. You will also be able to plan things on paper so you can use them in the long run. Another important thing is that this journal will work as your blogging secret so you can note down things that you have done or that you plan to do.

Note Down Things That You Are Carrying

Most people forget about things that they are carrying so they end up spending most of their time searching for these things. A simple trick is to use your journal and write everything you can carry.

Bring Torch

Torch is very important yet most people not only forget about it but they also feel mobile torch will work as an equivalent. There is no doubt it can but since we are using a techy-free process, you need to stop relying on your torch app and phone and start looking for an actual powerful torch.

Plan Your Days

Day planning will help you build a routine that will reduce the chance of surprise. Even if you plan on cooking something, you must also write it down so you don’t miss important details.

Bring Book 

Books will help you stay entrained so you don’t feel too bored. Usually, people play games on their phones even when they are on a trip so reading a book will be a fun thing to do.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you plan your trip and the people you plan it worth. There is a current debate going on where people think simple tech-based things like a torch or even a compass are also taken as technology. This is true to some extent but we are mainly looking at social media and extreme technology-based work that has made us lethargic, angry, and tired all the time. Within this article, we have used basic navigation methods so you can enjoy the process of learning and you can explore new options while comparing how people were living before everything was just a touch away.