Tips on Planning Summer Motorcycle Camping In Western Australia

 As a motorcycle owner, summer brings a different kind of excitement because you know that you will enjoy your motorcycle adventures on your own. Most motorcycle owners don’t understand that although summers are good for riding your motorcycle you still need to take care of your body and health. This is especially important for people living in Australia because they will be getting exposed to the sun. Apart from this being an Australian comes with its own perks and this influences your lifestyle as well. Being Australian you must love traveling, water sports, and adventure. This is the reason people from around the globe use “being Australian” as a trait linked with adventure. So when you mix adventure with a motorcycle the results are always something extra.

So as a motorcycle owner you are planning for a road trip followed by camping in Western Australia, what are a few of the things you need to consider? Most people don’t know and they try to wing it. As a result, most people travel in groups with their friends and family but once they reach the camping site, due to lack of planning their overall trip turns into a disaster. If you don’t want to turn your adventure into a disaster you need to work on your planning skills before you think of traveling.

With the help of this article, we will prepare a simple checklist of things that you need to prepare. We will also look at some of the best camping hacks that will help you with camping in Western Australia.

Say No To Weekend Travel and Camping

Most people think that the weekend will be a good time to travel and camp, there is no doubt about it but you also need to keep in mind that roads will be jam-packed and camping sites will be choking. It is much better to plan your trip on weekdays so you don’t have to worry about the traffic and other things. Although this might become a challenge in your professional life, it will save you a lot of hassle.

Pay the Fee

Your camping site will not be free. This is because people who camp in the wilder risk their lives because spiders and insects are very poisonous in Australia. These parks ensure that you don’t have to worry about that, which is the reason you have to pay. Apart from the camping site you also need to pay for the vehicle access which means you can only bring your vehicle with you if you pay.

Book Online

Online booking is becoming a trend but in real life, it is meant for convenience. This will save you a lot of time and effort if you plan your trip properly. There are so many sites that offer easy booking options. With the help of these booking options, you will save a lot of effort and you will be able to plan ahead of time.

Camping Equipment List 

Since you are paying for the fee you might be thinking they will offer you the equipment. Well, technically that can be a little tricky, which is the reason you need to carry your equipment with you. Some of the main things that you need to bring with you include:

Camping tent – this is very important because you will be traveling with your motorcycle so you need something that can accommodate you as well as your motorcycle.

Sleeping bag – weather can get a little challenging and in utensils, there are a lot of insects that can be poisonous.

Stove, pan, and cooking utensils- if you plan to cook you need to bring all these things with you.

Food, drinks, and non-perishable items – when you pack food make sure you are not packing something that can go rancid on the way.

First aid kit – you cannot camp anywhere in Australia without a first aid kit especially if you are thinking of camping somewhere open.

Footwear – this might sound a little confusing but you need new shoes and by new shoes, we mean something that can offer you grip as you walk. Also, make sure to wear socks so you can avoid dust.

Cloths – your clothes need to be a little breathable but they must cover your whole body. Most people like to wear tank tops and shorts which might sound ideal for summers but since you will be camping this can result in the form of disaster.

Picnic utensils – although these are optional if you are traveling with family they can become essentials. When you select and pack things, carry small portable cooking equipment, foldable chairs, and some toiletries with you. You can also bring a picnic setup.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, your planning will help you decide if the trip will be a success or just another disaster unless you don’t plan ahead and you know where you will be camping you cannot tell if you will be allowed to cook or not, in some places, especially in wild, camping and cooking is not allows because it can result in a wildfire. To avoid this issue you need to stay informed about the place of camping and the overall rules and regulations so you can avoid these issues.