Why Do Veterinarians Use Different Surgical Instruments For Large Animals?

Large animals require the same care and protection as small pets. Surgical tools are the basic need to treat various animal diseases. But the tools used for the larger animals are different. So, veterinary surgeons use large surgical tools to treat giant animals such as buffalos, cows, sheep, etc.

Surgical tools for large animals are robust as big animals have different morphology and physiology. So, their treatment procedures also differ from those of other small pets. Such procedures need sturdier and stronger veterinary tools to treat large animals’ health issues.

This article will discuss various surgical instruments and supplies for large animals to better understand their applications for veterinary treatments.

What Are The Different Veterinary Surgical Supplies And Instruments?

Veterinary Surgeons apply numerous medical techniques and procedures in surgery. The different devices that are helpful in this field include:

     Diagnostic medical equipment
     Diagnostic tools comprise modern techniques such as ultrasounds, CT scanners, and X-ray machines.
     Treatment tools consist of infusion pumps and medical lasers
     Life-sustaining tools such as heart-lung machines and dialysis machines
     Medical monitors that measure a patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure and EEG Laboratory equipment
     Therapeutic devices, such as physical therapy machines

Surgical Instruments for Large Animals:

There are multiple surgical instruments for large animals, ranging from basic to advanced pieces of equipment. These veterinary surgical instruments are:

     Abdominal instruments
     Anesthesia instruments
     Biopsy instruments
     Diagnostic and restraints instruments
     Equine special instruments
     Equivet Urethane stomach
     Large animal equipment
     Obstetrical instruments
     Teat instruments

Now, let’s discuss the functioning of some of these instruments and their roles in veterinary surgery.

Abdominal Instruments:

One of the most common large animal surgical tools is abdominal instruments. These instruments are reliable as they are made with surgical-grade stainless steel material. The main use of these instruments is in intestinal surgery, colorectal surgery, and bowel surgery. These large animal surgical tools efficiently treat gastrointestinal issues. Few subcategories of these abdominal tools include:

     DA Reverse Cutting
     Double Curved Needle
     Oval Trocar - Metal Handle
     BoviVet Rumen Drenching System

All these abdominal surgical instruments come in multiple variations and sizes to facilitate the Veterinarian’s surgical procedures.


Anesthesia Instruments:

The role of anesthesia instruments is to save an animal from severe pain and discomposure during surgeries. Therefore, such instruments are used before starting the surgery procedures. The basic function of such surgical tools is to relax the surrounding muscles of the animal’s body. The best feature of such instruments is their durability and high-quality manufacturing material. Some of these anesthesia surgical instruments for large animals are:

     Laryngoscope Miller Blade
     Magill Catheter Forceps
     Miller laryngoscope set
     Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscope

These surgical instruments for large animals are easy to handle and long-lasting as they are made with premium quality material to facilitate Veterinarians during large animals’ surgery.

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