A guide to Birmingham 2022 commonwealth games

 Birmingham and west midlands have come together with something that was never seen before as the commonwealth is coming into the city of Birmingham. This is surely a time of excitement as this is going to bring so many people and extra visitors to the city. In this blog, we will read about the Birmingham commonwealth game 2022 guide.


When are the Birmingham 2022 commonwealth games starting?


The commonwealth games Birmingham 2022 are going to start in your favorite city of Birmingham and it will go on from July 28th to August 8, 2022. There is going to be plenty in these games for you to do.


There are going to be 11 long days of swimming, eight days of gymnastics, eight days of playing cricket and cricket matches, and 7 days of athletics. It is also going to include a marathon and this is going to be a very exciting time for Birmingham to witness.


The games were awarded to Birmingham in December 2017, this city has hosted many other games like IAAF world athletic championship, gymnastic championship, and so many other famous games. This city has given more chances to host European and other world games than any other city in the UK.


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The commonwealth games were first held in Hamilton, Canada back in 1930 a total of 11 countries were included in this and more than 400 athletes took part in this game. In 2022 more than 3000 sessions of this amazing game happened and it has featured more than 5000 people from all around the world.


The new thing about the Birmingham games is that it has more medals in it for women than for men and this happened for the first time in the history of the commonwealth games. It also has fully integrated para-sport games. But that is not all which you are going to experience at these games of the commonwealth.


There is a cultural program that is described as a once in a lifetime opportunity to positively disrupt the region’s cultural sector and inspire lasting change. It entertains 2.5 million people and it has set Birmingham and the west midlands into a new light and life.


And how can we forget the mascot of the commonwealth who is a local Birmingham living person? He is a very kind and sweet guy and he is a cheeky person and he is a guy who is seen by billions of people all around the world.


And then another bull is the big brother of perry or you can call him his dad who was also a star attraction in the commonwealth ceremony. He is a great attraction in the commonwealth for the visitors who are going to visit this game this year. He is located in his new house at the CENTENARY SQUARE for the duration till the games are going to take place.


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The Commonwealth is going to be a huge event and they are going to recruit 13000 volunteers to take part in this game and make this a memorable event that no one has ever witnessed before. This game is representative of so many colors and cultures and it is going to bring many nations together.


Where can you get the commonwealth atmosphere?


In Birmingham city center you can find major spots where you can get into the festival energy. The first spot is in the VICTORIA SQUARE and the other one is in SMITHFIELD. It is alongside beach volleyball and wheelchair basketball.


There is so much these sites offer and the options to do things here are endless. On top of that, access to these sites is completely free for everyone to visit.


There are also giant screens implanted there where people can gather and watch all the sporting action and ceremonies. These sites combine all the sport, culture and entertainment and it gives you a chance to be a part of sporting action.


What are the sports that will take place at the commonwealth 2022 games?


For the very first time, these games will witness 3x3 basketball and also 3x3 wheelchairs. And there is a lot more this event is going to witness including athletics, aquatics, tri events, and much more. I am going to mention the entire list of the events down below;


Athletics— marathon

Athletics and para athletics

Aquatics—- diving


Beach volleyball


Cycling—-track and para track



Rugby sevens





Where are these amazing events going to take place?


There are many venues for the Birmingham commonwealth games. These venues go from Coventry, Royal Leamington, Sutton Coldfield, and many more.


The Alexander stadium of Birmingham is the heart of these games. All the openings and closing ceremonies are going to be held here.


Any art festival that is going to take place in these games?


From March to September the artwork is going to last for six months. There will be cultural programs that will encourage people to play in public spaces. This art festival is going to reach artists from the West Midlands as well.


Where can I find the cool merchandise?


The store that has all the commonwealth 2022 games merchandise is located at the foot of Rotunda. They sell everything from soft toys, gifts, clothes and so much more. There is another megastore where you can find this merchandise. It is in Centenary Square which is located next to Symphony Hall.


There is so much to discover during these amazing games and you should not miss out on this. If you ever have any trouble reaching any of the venues you can book our services of minibus hire Birmingham we will make sure to take you to your destination in a fast and smooth manner. 


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