Henna Hair Color

Henna hair color is the best option if you are tired of conventional chemical hair dyes and looking for a natural solution to color your hair. The reason is that henna hair color is the product of plant extracts with organic ingredients that contain no harmful chemicals but an intense coloring pigment called Lawson. This pigment works more when the leaves of the Henna plant are ground into a powder.

Therefore, all henna colors are nowadays used in powder, but before this, only the leaves of henna were used to color skin and hair. Henna plants are more common in Africa, India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. It is herbal hair product that is used over all the world that give the organic way of treating the hair and solve the other hair problems by provide the natural hair color.

Why Choose the Henna Hair Color?

Henna color has become the choice of every person due to its natural dyeing process. There are many conventional dyes in the market which provide instant results, and they are easy to use. Still, they contain harmful chemicals detrimental to allergic skin and can damage the hair badly. On the other hand, henna colors are usable for all types of hair and skin because they do not penetrate the skin and just coat the strands of hair.

Longer duration of color

Natural hennahair dye provides a longer duration of color as the coloring pigment of henna color is powerful, and it makes a firm bond with hair strands.

Healthy Hair

Henna hair color does not only color the hair but also helps in the growth of healthy hair as it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Beautiful shine

All the shades of henna colors add a beautiful shine and make the hair look better.

Control Dandruff

The Antifungal property of natural henna hair color controls the hair dandruff smoothly.

Multiple color shades

Henna hair color provides multiple shades that depend on the hair's natural color. Gray and lighter shades of hair give orange-red tones while brown and black hair tones give red pop in color.

Henna on Natural Hair

If you fear losing the quality of your natural hair by using dyeing products, then don't worry; henna colors are unique products for natural hair. Unlike traditional dyeing chemicals, henna color does not damage the natural color of hair and maintains the originality of natural hair. It keeps the hair healthy, shiny, and strong. Therefore, people know them as natural

henna hair dye because they are beneficial for natural hair and contain all the natural coloring ingredients. One more thing is that henna on natural hair fade very nicely and naturally. They do not leave patches after a few times like other chemicals. On natural healthy hair, henna color lasts for 6 to 8 weeks due to firm staining properties.

How to Use Henna Hair Color

Henna colors are easy to use. It takes only 30 minutes to make the color paste. After that, you can apply the paste to your hair. Follow a few steps, and your henna paste will be ready to use.

Prepare your skin

Ensure your skin and hair borders are covered with an old cloth or anything else. The ointment is the best element to prevent the staining of henna colors on your skin.

Mixing with water

For better results, mix henna powder with boiling water. Mix it properly so that the paste gets darker.

Apply henna hair color

Apply the paste of your desired henna color on your hair and wait for a few hours (2 to 4) to get the best results. After that, wash it out; your hair will dye instantly.

Henna Hair Color Chart

If you want a new color shade, take the henna hair color chart and find a better look. Henna colors are also known as rainbow henna colors because they contain only 07 base colors, but they provide multiple color shades which depend on the original hair color. These are the following henna colors;

·   Flamboyant

·   Copper

·   Sensual

·   Mahogany

·   Passionate

·   Auburn

·   Radiant

·   Blonde

·   Sublime

·   Chestnut

·   Voluptuous

·   Brown

·   Enchanting

·   Black

Buying henna hair dyes is not a big deal. It is available on all online selling websites and eCommerce stores like Jimmy USA. You can quickly get your best feature henna color at a very affordable price.


All-natural features of henna hair colors make it the best choice among all other hair coloring products. Although the dyeing process of henna color is gradually slow, it keeps the hair strong and healthy. It is usable for all types of hair and skin, especially best herbal treatment for the allergic skin. You can stop using henna hair color anytime, and it'll not damage your hair.




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